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Table 2 Review Selection Criteria

From: Effectiveness of psychological interventions to improve quality of life in people with long-term conditions: rapid systematic review of randomised controlled trials

Component Inclusion Exclusion
Population Any LTC (including MUPS) not limited to the conditions discussed in the introduction e.g. kidney or inflammatory bowel disease Mental health or psychiatric conditions in the absence of LTC
Any age group from school-aged adolescents (≥ 10 years) onwards in order to ensure appropriate levels of understanding and communication of QOL domains Pre-school or primary school children (0–9 years)
Any gender No gender exclusions
Any cultural, education or socio-economic status No cultural, education or socio-economic exclusions
Any care setting or delivery format No care setting or delivery format exclusions
Intervention Psychological intervention (in any format) including those which include alternative but related terminology e.g. cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) or mindfulness Non-psychological interventions
Target and assess LTC patients directly Psychological interventions designed to indirectly target LTC patients (through clinicians, family, carers etc.)
Any facilitator No facilitator exclusions
Study Design RCT (Level I Quantitative evidence) Levels II-V Quantitative evidence, qualitative studies, book chapters, dissertations, SR and meta-analysis papers, unpublished journals or grey material
Journal articles published in English Non-English publications
Comparisons made between intervention and UCC at all relevant points No intervention and/or UCC conditions
Published between 2006 and February 2016 Published prior to 2006 and after February 2016
Outcomes QOL, HR-QOL and/or WMB Non-psychological assessment
Assess patients directly Measures that indirectly assess patients (through clinicians, family, carers etc.)