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Table 1 Outline of content and targets of workshops #1 - #3 in the HBI programme

From: The Norwegian healthy body image programme: study protocol for a randomized controlled school-based intervention to promote positive body image and prevent disordered eating among Norwegian high school students

#1 Body image
Main content Targets
 Project introduction Experience of meaningfulness and motivation
 Influencing factors on body perception. What promotes and reduces positive body image, and how can we enforce the health promoting factors? Body image and body acceptance
 Where does body idealization come from? Why does it conflict with positive body image, and potential health consequences from striving for the idealized body? Psychoeducation to reduce idealization and internalization of a particular body ideal
 Fat talk and focus on lifestyle only related to appearance in everyday communication. To what degree do we participate, how does it make us feel, and can we reduce it? Reduce fat talk and negative body talk
 Introduction to self-talk and self-esteem in WS#2 Stimulate motivation for next WS
#2 Media literacy
Main content Targets
 Social media perception and use. Empower yourself to choose mood enhancing over mood destructive content Enhance media literacy
 Extreme exposure without filter equals need to be critical to sources of information and awareness of retouching Enhance media literacy
 The nature of comparison, how to recognize destructive comparison and reduce its presence in everyday life Reduce amount of comparison
 Strengthen acceptance and love for individual differences, defining characteristics of ones’ own and among friends. Students write down compliments to a friend and him/herself unrelated to appearance Improve positive self-talk
Improve self-compassion
 Experiences and benefits of positive self-talk Improve skills to strengthen self-esteem
#3 Lifestyle
Main content Targets
 Benefits on body experience from listening to bodily needs such as physical activity and healthy eating Improve experience of embodiment
 Truths and myth about lifestyle products and literature Improve ability to reject exercise and nutritional myths - health information literacy
 From aesthetic to functional focus; how can change in focus improve body experience and healthy lifestyle that again benefit well-being? Change from potential unhealthy focus to healthy focus on the body
 How may regular exercise and smart nutrition promote positive body image and what are the basic recommendations? Body experience enhancing attitudes and behaviours