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Table 2 Descriptive and Inferential Statistics for the AFAS questionnaire

From: In your face: the biased judgement of fear-anger expressions in violent offenders

  Mean (SD) Inferential statistics
Subscale Violent offenders Child sex offenders General population F(2,58) P ŋ2
Facilitative 1.26 (0.92)a 0.47 (0.36)b 0.65 (0.41)b 7.61 0.001 0.21
Appetitive 0.96 (0.87)a 0.25 (0.27)b 0.33 (0.29)b 8.18 <0.001 0.22
Overall 1.11 (0.88)a 0.36 (0.27)b 0.49 (0.33)b 8.41 <0.001 0.23
  1. Statistical comparisons of the groups using a one-way ANOVA for each subscale of the AFAS questionnaire. In each row, superscript letters that match indicate non-significant difference between groups, while differing superscript letters indicate a group difference significant at p < 0.01