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Fig. 2

From: Expanding protection motivation theory: investigating an application to animal owners and emergency responders in bushfire emergencies

Fig. 2

As conditions become more complex, response behavior options narrow, and are themselves more complex. Legend: Responders (red) have the widest range of powers and options available. The “Community” (yellow) has fewer but still quite extensive available options, and some of these will overlap with responder services such as Local Government, or Service clubs (e.g. Rotary, Lions). Community overlaps with non-owned animals because of resources potentially deployed in management, or because particular animals are highly valued. Untrained volunteers (purple) need management. People with animals (green) are a very diverse group with more complex needs than groups without animals (orange). An individual (blue) with no dependents or special needs should have the least complex microclimate, but does not have the broad legislated capability of emergency responders

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