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Table 2 Cultural and gender difference across themes

From: Gender differences in beliefs about health: a comparative qualitative study with Ghanaian and Indian migrants living in the United Kingdom

Theme Cultural differences Gender differences
Beliefs about health Absence of illness (I, G)
Not attending healthcare services (I, G)
Good mental health (WB)
Not consciously thinking about their health (M)
Absence of serious health condition (M)
Monitoring food and planning meals (F)
Weight and body type (F)
Symptom interpretation Normalisation of common symptoms and illness (I/G)
Normalisation of hereditary conditions (I/G)
Self-management and help-seeking Preference for self-management of common symptoms (I/G)
Use of home remedies and traditional medicines (I/G)
Strong distinction between illness and health (M)
Help-seeking for symptoms as a common behavioural response (F)
Help-seeking for a range of symptoms (F)
  1. Key: I, Indian, G Ghanaian, WB White British, M male, F female