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Table 1 Outcome measures

From: Healthy Learning Mind - a school-based mindfulness and relaxation program: a study protocol for a cluster randomized controlled trial

Outcomes Informant Measurement
Student Teacher Parent
Mental Wellbeing
Primary outcomes     
  Resilience, resilience scala (RS14) x    
  Existence or absence of depressive symptoms (RBDI) x    
  Experienced psychological strenghts and difficulties (SDQ) x x x  
Secondary outcomes     
  Mindfulness (CAMM) x    
  Happiness (OECD Better life Index) x    
  Satisfaction with life (SWLS-C) x    
  Quality of life (KINDL-R) x   x  
  Positive and negative affects (PANAS) x    
  The Rumination-Reflection Questionnaire     
  Stress in Children (SIC Qestionnaire)     
  Compassion/self-kindness) x    
Cognitive measuments
 NEPSY-II (Developmental Neuropsychological Assesment)     x
 WISC-IV (Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children)     x
 D-KEFS (Delis-Kaplan Executive Function System)     x
 Psychological flexibility (CERQ) x    
 Viivi, 5-15 questionnaire on child development    x  
Psycho-physiological responses
 SCR (Skin conduct response)     x
 EKG (Electrocardiography)     x
Academic achievement/school
 Grade average in the last school report x x   
 Grades in last school report x x   
 Satisfaction with ow achievements x    
 Days of absence from school   x   
 Bullying at school x    
Health behavior in school-aged children, WHO HBSC
 Physical activity x    
 Sleeping/tiredness x    
 Alcohol use x    
 Smoking x    
 Screen time x    
Motivational determinants of practice
 Outcome expectations x    
 Use of strategies to relax x    
 Self-efficacy x    
 Intention/motivation x    
Class room social environment (CES) x x   
Personality inventory (TIPI) x    
Psycho-social background factors
 Experienced major difficulties in life x    
 The quality of social relationship with peers x    
 Major changes in student's life    x  
 The emotional athmospere at home x   x  
 The relationship with mother x    
 The relationship with father x    
Socio-demopraphic background factors
 Financial situation in the family x    
 Family composition x    
 Mother tongue x   x  
 Parent education    x  
 occupation    x  
 Employment status    x