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Table 2 Factor loadings for the items included (bold) in the outcome measures at age 5 years

From: Effect of household size on mental problems in children: results from the Norwegian Mother and Child Cohort study

  Anxiety Difficult temperament
EAS: Your child takes a long time to warm up to strangers -.69 .05
EAS: Your child is very friendly with strangers .59 .04
CBCL: Too fearful or anxious .57 -.35
CBCL: Afraid to try new things .55 -.21
Avoids to talk to others than family members .54 -.09
CBCL: Gets too upset when separated from parents .52 -.24
CBCL: Nervous, high strung and tense .51 -.41
CBCL: Clings to adults or too dependent .51 -.38
CBCL: Fears certain animals, situations or places .44 -.18
CBCL: Disturbed by any change in routine .43 -.39
Had following problems: Emotional difficulties (sad and worried) .32 -.27
EAS: Your child gets upset or sad easily -.20 .82
EAS: Your child cries easily -.24 .74
EAS: Your child reacts intensely when upset -.13 .68
CBCL: Cries a lot. .26 -.67
CBCL: Unhappy, sad or depressed .30 -.39
  1. Note: Loadings are from the structure matrix, oblique rotation. The correlation between the factor scores is 0.32