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Table 2 Effect of baby’s sex on adult listeners’ sex attribution

From: Sex stereotypes influence adults’ perception of babies’ cries

Source df F P
Intercept 4, 1190 10.44 <0.0005
Baby’s sex 1, 1190 33.26 <0.0005
Baby’s weight 1, 1190 0.03 0.875
Participant’s sex 1, 1190 0.17 0.679
Participant’s sex * Baby’s sex 1, 1190 0.03 0.868
  1. Generalized Linear Mixed Model (GLMM), with binary logistic regression link testing the effects of baby’s actual sex, baby’s body weight, participant sex, and baby’s sex * participant’s sex on participants’ attribution of sex to natural babies’ cries. Participant identity is included as subject variable and recording session (baby’s identity) as a nested random factor term. Baby’s sex is a highly significant, but very poor predictor of attributed sex