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Table 1 The items of the PMH-scale and their origin

From: Psychometric properties of the Positive Mental Health Scale (PMH-scale)

  Item Origin of the item
1. I am often carefree and in good spirits. Trierer Personality Inventory (TPF)
2. I enjoy my life. Item from Lutz’s item pool
3. All in all, I am satisfied with my life. Freiburg Personality Inventory (FPI-R)
4. In general, I am confident. Mental health scale (SPG)
5. I manage well to fulfill my needs. Trier Personality Inventory (TPF)
6. I am in good physical and emotional condition. Trier Personality Inventory (TPF)
7. I feel that I am actually well equipped to deal with life and its difficulties. Trier Personality Inventory (TPF)
8. Much of what I do brings me joy. Mental Health Scale (SPG)
9. I am a calm, balanced human being. Trier Personality Inventory (TPF)