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Table 2 Session outline of the sleep intervention and active control groups

From: The SENSE Study (Sleep and Education: learning New Skills Early): a community cognitive-behavioural therapy and mindfulness-based sleep intervention to prevent depression and improve cardiac health in adolescence

Session Sleep Intervention Group (Sleep) SENSE Content Control Group (Study SENSE) Content
1 Introduction: education about sleep; identifying personal sleep goals; developing motivation to change Introduction: why good study skills and habits are important for academic success.
2 Overcoming challenges to sleep: discuss good sleep hygiene and barriers to sleep, learn stimulus control strategies; introduce mindfulness and mindfulness of the breath practice. Personal organization, time management and the home study environment.
3 Establishing a regular sleep schedule: learn about circadian rhythms and guidelines for keeping regular sleep schedule and limiting media use at bedtime; design a personal sleep plan; mindfulness of the breath practice. Active listening, learning, and note-taking strategies.
4 Techniques for Managing Stress: learn about mindfulness, mindfulness qualities and their benefits for sleep; practice mindful attention, mindfulness of the breath and the body scan Memory, memorization techniques, and different ways of learning.
5 Focusing on the Positive: learn about the cognitive-behavioural model; learn to identify and challenge unhelpful beliefs about sleep; practice savouring and switching and mindfulness of the breath Test-taking, critical reading and essay writing strategies.
6 Managing worries: learn about the nature of worries and solvable versus unsolvable problems; strategies for managing worries during the day (problem solving, scheduled worry, worry box) and at night (mindfulness, savouring and switching); practice new mindfulness strategies (the 3-minute breathing space & 'letting go' techniques). Public speaking and speech writing
7 Your sleep into the future: review of sleep goals and progress; program review; setback prevention; final mindfulness practice. Review of Study SENSE program and problem solving strategies.