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Table 1 Summary of measures administered at each data collection point

From: The SENSE Study (Sleep and Education: learning New Skills Early): a community cognitive-behavioural therapy and mindfulness-based sleep intervention to prevent depression and improve cardiac health in adolescence

Category Measures Screening Pre-Intervention Post-Intervention Booster 1 & 2 Two-year Follow-up
Psychopathology and Global Functioning SCAS x x x x x
CES-D x x x x x
K-SADS-PL   x x   x
YRBS-Sub   x x   x
CBCL-Ext   x x   x
CGAS   x x   x
LIFE-I      x
Global Cognitive Style PSWQ-C   x x x x
RSQ-Rumination   x x x x
GSES   x x x x
Sleep-Specific Cognitive Style SBS   x x x x
DBAS-16   x x x x
PAS   x x x x
Sleep PSQI x x x x x
rMEQ x     
PDSS   x x x x
Sleep Diary   x x   x
Actigraphy   x x   x
Cardiovascular Health Saliva samples   x    x
Blood Pressure   x    x
Heart rate   x    x
Endothelial dysfunction   x    x
Medical history questionnaire   x    x
  1. CBCL-Ext Child Behaviour Checklist – Externalizing scale, CES-D Center for Epidemiologic Studies – Depression, CGAS Children’s Global Assessment of Functioning, DBAS-16 Dysfunctional Beliefs about Sleep – 16 item version, GSES General Self-Efficacy Scale, K-SADS Schedule for Affective Disorders and Schizophrenia – Children’s version, LIFE-I Longitudinal Interval Follow-up Evaluation Interview (Student work, Interpersonal Relations with Family, Depressive Disorders), rMEQ reduced Morningness-Eveningness Questionnaire, PAS Pre-sleep Arousal Scale, PDSS Pediatric Daytime Sleepiness Scale, PSQI Pittsburg Sleep Quality Index, PSWQ-C Penn State Worry Questionnaire - Children, RSQ-Rumination Response Scale Questionnaire – Rumination subscale, SBS Sleep Beliefs Scale, SCAS Spence Children’s Anxiety Scale, YRBS-Sub Youth Risk Behavior Survey – Subscale use questions