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Table 1 Example of an indicator in the Dutch Self-Sufficiency Matrix: Finances

From: Psychometric properties of self-sufficiency assessment tools in adolescents in vocational education

Rating Label SSM-D description
1 Acute problem No income. High, increasing debts.
2 Not self-sufficient Insufficient income and/or spontaneous or inappropriate spending. Increasing debts.
3 Barely self-sufficient Can meet basic needs with income and/or appropriate spending. If there are debts, they are at least stable and/or controlled by a third party.
4 Adequately self-sufficient Meets basic needs without receiving social security benefits. Manages possible debts without assistance and they are decreasing.
5 Completely self-sufficient Income is ample, well managed. Has the ability to save with income.
  1. Note: Copyright 2012 by GGD Amsterdam. Reprinted with permission