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Table 2 Measurement scheme

From: Study protocol of a multicenter randomized controlled trial comparing the effectiveness of group and individual internet-based Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy with treatment as usual in reducing psychological distress in cancer patients: the BeMind study

Variable goal Measure Target Screening T0 During T0b (TAU only) T1 T2 T3
Primary outcome HADS Psychological distress x x   x x x x
Secondary outcomes FCRI Fear of cancer recurrence   x   x x x x
  RRQ Rumination Reflection Questionnaire   x   x x x x
  MHC-SF Mental Health Continuum – Short Form   x   x x x x
Effect predictors SCID DSM-IV Axis I disorders   x   x x x x
  NEO-FFI Personality dimensions   x      x
Process measures FFMQ-SF Mindfulness skills   x   x x x x
  WAI Working alliance    x     
  GCQ Group cohesion    x     
  MAAS Mindfulness skills    x     
  I-PANAS-SF Mood    x     
  Calendar Mindfulness adherence    x     
Cost-effectiveness TiC-P Health care costs and productivity   x   x x x x
  EQ-5D Health-related quality of life (preference-based)   x   x x x x
  SF-12 Health-related quality of life (general health profile)   x   x x x x