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Table 1 MBCT curriculum content

From: Study protocol of a multicenter randomized controlled trial comparing the effectiveness of group and individual internet-based Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy with treatment as usual in reducing psychological distress in cancer patients: the BeMind study

Theme of session Meditation exercise Didactic teaching Homework
1. The automatic pilot - Body scan - Intention of participating - Bodyscan
- Mindful eating
- Raisin exercise - Mindful routine activity
2. Dealing with barriers - Body scan - Observation exercise “walking through the streets” - Bodyscan or mindfulness of the breath
- Mindfulness of the breath - Positive experiences diary
- Mindful routine acitivity
3. Mindfulness of the breath - Movement exercises lying down - 3-min breathing space - Body scan or movement exercises
- Mindfulness of the breath and body - Negative experiences diary
- 3-min breathing space three times a day
4. Staying present - Sitting meditation - Psycho-education “reacting/responding stress” - Sitting meditation or walking meditation or movement exercises
- Walking meditation
- Stress diary
- 3-min breathing space
- Walking meditation
5. Allowing - Sitting meditation - Psycho-education “anxiety, anger and depression, helping and non-helping thoughts” - Sitting meditation
- Walking meditation - Mindful communication exercise
- 3-min breathing space
- Walking meditation
6. Mindful communication - Movement exercises standing up - Psycho-education “communication” - Sitting meditation, movement exercises or body scan
- 3-min breathing space in stressful situations - Nonverbal (Aikido) and verbal (Deeply listening) communication exercises - 3-min breathing space
- Walking meditation
Silence day - Various exercises   
- Silent lunch and tea breaks
7. Taking care of yourself - Sitting meditation, open awareness - Energy balance and relapse prevention - Mindful exercise at will
- 3-min breathing space - Relapse prevention plan
- 3-min breathing space
8. From stress to inner strength - Body scan - Training evaluation and glance at the future