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Table 1 Schedule of assessments and measures

From: The NEIL Memory Research Unit: psychosocial, biological, physiological and lifestyle factors associated with healthy ageing: study protocol

   Screen/Phone Assessment Baseline Questionnaire Baseline Assessment Follow Up Phone Assessment Follow Up Questionnaires Follow Up Assessment
Explain Study   X    X   
Obtain Consent   X      X
Inclusion and exclusion criteria   X      
Medical history Health Screening Questionnaire (Christensen et al. 1992) X      
Self-report items X    X   
Medication List Self-report (verbatim from labels) X    X   
Family history AD/dementia Self-report item X    X   
Self-rated health Self-report items   X   X   
Frailty Fried Frailty Index (Fried et al. 2001)    X    X
Cognitive function        
Self-rated memory Self-report items   X    X  
Subjective memory complaints/ failures – self-rated MAC-Q (Crook et al. 1992)      X  
PRMQ (Smith et al. 2000)      X  
Informant/proxy rating of memory performance and complaints/failures IQCODE (Jorm 1994)   X    X  
Proxy PRMQ (P-PRMQ) (Smith et al. 2000)      X  
Self-report items      X  
Reading ability/dyslexia screen WRAT-3 Reading Test (Wilkenson 1993)    X    
Premorbid IQ NART (Nelson 1982)    X    
Overall function MMSE (Folstein et al. 1975)    X    X
MoCA (Nasreddine et al. 2005)    X    X
Episodic Memory WMS-IV Logical Memory Subtest (Weschler 2009)    X    X
Bushke & Grober FCSRT (Grober & Buschke 1987)    X    X
ACAD word and shape recognition task – immediate and delayed recall (Di Rosa et al. 2014)    X    X
Working Memory WMS-III Letter Number Sequencing Subtest (Weschler 1997)    X    X
Prospective Memory TILDA Experimental Task    X    X
Processing Speed Colour Trails 1 (D’Elia et al. 1994)    X    X
Choice Reaction Time experimental task (Brennan 2011)    X    X
Executive Function Colour Trails 2 (D’Elia et al. 1994)    X    X
Verbal (animal) fluency task    X    X
CAMDEX Visual Reasoning Subtest (Roth et al. 1998)    X    X
Attention Sustained Attention to Response (SART) experimental task (Robertson et al. 1997)    X    X
ACAD Shapes Sustained Attention to Response (SSART) task (Di Rosa et al. 2014)    X    X
Visuo-Spatial Landmark Spatial Bias Task (20 item) (Bellgrove et al. 2005)       X
Age Self-report item X X   X X  
Sex Self-report item X      
Marital Status Self-report item   X    X  
Occupational Status – current Self-report items   X    X  
Occupational History Items adapted from Cognitive Reserve Index (Nucci et al. 2012)   X     
Educational attainment Years of education, highest level completed – self report   X    X  
Caregiving Self-report items   X    X  
Smoking Self-report items   X   X   
Alcohol Use Self-report items   X   X   
  CAGE (Mayfield et al. 1974)   X   X   
Sleep Quality Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (Buysse et al. 1989)   X    X  
  Stanford Sleepiness Scale(Hoddes et al. 1973)    X    X
Physical Activity IPAQ – Short Form (Craig et al. 2003)    X    X
Leisure Activity/Cognitive Stimulating Activity Leisure Activities Scale (House et al. 1982)   X    X  
Lifetime Cognitive Activity Scale (Wilson et al. 2013)      X  
Boredom-proneness Self-report item (Conroy et al. 2010)   X    X  
Self-rated mental health Self-report item   X   X   
Depression CES-D Scale (Radloff 1977)    X    X
Anxiety HADS-A Anxiety subscale (Zigmond & Snaith 1983)    X    X
Perceived Stress 4-item Perceived Stress Scale (PSS-4) (Cohen et al. 1983)    X    X
Quality of Life/Life Satisfaction CASP-12 (Wiggins et al. 2008)    X    X
  Self-report item    X    X
Social Connectedness Berkman-Syme Social Network Index (Berkman & Syme 1979)    X    X
  Lubben Social Network Scale – 18-item (LSNS-18) (Lubben et al. 2003)      X  
Height Standing body height – Seca® stadiometer    X    X
Weight Weight – Seca®electronic scale    X    X
Dominant hand Self-report    X    X
Walking Speed Timed walk – 16 ft (4.8768 m)    X    X
Grip Strength Baseline® Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer – 2 measures per hand    X    X
EEG - Resting State 3 min eyes open, 3 min eyes closed    X    X
  1. ACAD Automated Cognitive Assessment Delivery; CAMDEX Cambridge Mental Disorders of the Elderly Examination; CES-D Centre for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale; FCSRT Free and Cued Selective Reminding Test; HADS-A Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale; IPAQ International Physical Activity Questionnaire
  2. IQCODE Informant Questionnaire for Cognitive Decline in the Elderly; LSNS-18 Lubben Social Network Scale (18 item); MAC-Q Memory Assessment Clinic Questionnaire; MMSE Mini-Mental State Examination; MoCA Montreal Cognitive Assessment; NART National Adult Reading Test; PRMQ Prospective Retrospective Memory Questionnaire; PSS-4 Perceived Stress Scale (4 item); SART Sustained Attention to Response Task; SSART Shapes Sustained Attention to Response Task; TILDA The Irish Longitudinal Study of Ageing; WMS Weschler Memory Scale; WRAT-3 Wide Range Achievement Test 3