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Table 1 List of internal disinhibition scale questions

From: Weight loss intervention for individuals with high internal disinhibition: design of the Acceptance Based Behavioral Intervention (ABBI) randomized controlled trial

Eating Inventory Question (number)
(9) When I feel anxious, I find myself eating.
(11) Since my weight goes up and down, I have gone on reducing diets more than once.
(20) When I feel blue, I often overeat.
(27) When I feel lonely, I console myself by eating.
(36) While on a diet, if I eat a food that is not allowed, I often then splurge and eat other high calorie foods.
(45) Do you eat sensibly in front of others and splurge alone?
(49) Do you go on eating binges even though you are not hungry?
(50) To what extent does this statement describe your eating behavior? “I start dieting in the morning, but because of any number of things that happen during the day, by evening I have given up and eat what I want, promising myself to start dieting again tomorrow.”