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Table 2 Nutrient Profiling Assessment of the 21 snack foods featured in the food frequency questionnaire

From: Do habits always override intentions? Pitting unhealthy snacking habits against snack-avoidance intentions

Snack Food Assessed as unhealthy?
Fresh Fruit No
Dried Fruit Yes
Chocolate Yes
* Crisps (USA: potato chips) Yes
Nuts and seeds (unsalted) No
Nuts (salted, flavoured or coated) Yes
* Biscuits (USA: cookies) – plain Yes
* Biscuits (USA: cookies) – chocolate or cream Yes
* Crackers and savoury biscuits (USA: cookies) Yes
Breadsticks, oatcakes, rice cakes, pretzels Yes
Rice cakes No
Cheese (cheddar) Yes
Toast or bread No
Butter or margarine Yes
Cakes and sweet pastries Yes
Yogurt No
Raw vegetables No
Dips (eg; houmous or salsa) No
Sweets (USA: candy) Yes
Savoury pastries Yes
Cereal bars Yes
  1. Whether foods were unhealthy or not was judged according to nutrient profiling assessment. * American (US) equivalents are provided for clarity.