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Table 3 Factors with significant (p ≤0.05) adjusted odds ratios (ORs) for recent suicidal thoughts among Italian and Swedish surgeons

From: Suicidal ideation among surgeons in Italy and Sweden – a cross-sectional study

Group Independent variable Adjusted OR 95% CI
Sweden Disengagement 2.95 1.26-6.94
  Recent degrading experience/harassment at work 2.83 1.13-7.09
  Regular meetings to discuss experiences at work 0.51 0.27-0.98
Italy Disengagement 2.96 1.32-6.64
  Sickness presenteeism 1.74 1.11-2.74
  1. Multivariate regression with adjustment for non-significant socio-demographic factors; age, number of children and marital status.