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Table 2 Primary and secondary outcomes and measures

From: Randomized controlled trial of a health plan-level mood disorders psychosocial intervention for solo or small practices

Aims Key measures Source
Aim 1. primary outcomes Mood symptoms: PHQ-9 Patient survey
  Mental health-related quality of life-SF-12 (MCS) Patient survey
Aim 1. secondary outcomes Hospitalizations Aetna claims data
  Guideline concordant care: Medical record/claims
  Mood disorders: % receiving guideline-concordant antidepressants (if unipolar depression) or guideline-concordant anti-manic treatment (bipolar disorder dx) in 6-month period  
  Cardiometabolic monitoring: % receiving lipid profile, fasting glucose or HbA1C, blood pressure, and weight  
  Productivity (Work Limitations Questionnaire) Patient survey
Aim 2 Patient demographics Patient survey
  Patient comorbidities Medical record
Aim 3: CCM costs, patient inpatient, outpatient, ER, Rx use Medical record/claims data