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Table 4 Outcomes and source

From: London Education and Inclusion Project (LEIP): A cluster-randomised controlled trial protocol of an intervention to reduce antisocial behaviour and improve educational/occupational attainment for pupils at risk of school exclusion

A) Academic outcomes  
Academic Attainment Test, Verbal and Maths Online academic tests administered in schools
Academic Achievements School records
Attendance School records & teacher assessments
B) Interpersonal skills  
Student communication skills Self-Report
Student communication skills Teacher assessment
Student prosocial skills Self-Report
Student prosocial skills Teacher assessment
Student-teacher relationship Self-report
Student-teacher relationship Self-report
C) Behaviour problems  
School exclusions School records
Bullying perpetration Self-report
Delinquency Self-report
Antisocial behaviour Self-report
Antisocial behaviour Teacher assessment