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Table 3 Teacher questionnaire - anti-social behaviour items

From: London Education and Inclusion Project (LEIP): A cluster-randomised controlled trial protocol of an intervention to reduce antisocial behaviour and improve educational/occupational attainment for pupils at risk of school exclusion

For the following questions, please indicate how often in the past YEAR this young person has…
  Never Rarely (1 to 2 times) Sometimes (3 to 10 times) About once a month About once a week Almost every day
… Physically attacked another young person.
… Verbally abused/ threatened another young person.
… Physically attacked an adult/s.
… Verbally abused/ threatened an adult/s.
… Abused others because of their race.
… Deliberately disrupted teaching.
… Engaged in sexually inappropriate behaviours.
… Used drugs and/or alcohol.
… Damaged the school's or somebody else's property at school.
… Was rude and belligerent toward me.
… Stole something at school.