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Table 2 Thematic interview guide - qualitative interviews

From: Promoting psychosocial wellbeing following stroke using narratives and guided self-determination: a feasibility study

Themes Main questions Subtopics
Theme 1 Can you tell about how you experience your life at present? 1. Thoughts and feelings regarding present life situation
2. Psychosocial needs and well-being
3. Thoughts about the future
Theme 2 Can you tell about your experiences/opinions with regard to participating in the intervention? 1. Number of meetings (too few/too many/appropriate timing of the meetings)?
2. Length of intervention (appropriate, too short, too long)?
3. Topics/focus in the meetings (were the topics addressed relevant/were any important topics missing? Was the ordering logical/helpful?)
4. The worksheets (how did you like using worksheets? What about the content, number, layout, usefulness of the work sheets?)
5. Inclusion of family/relatives (too little involved, too much involved or appropriate?)
6. Any advice regarding changes in the content, structure or process of the intervention?
Theme 3 Can you tell whether participating in the intervention has made a difference or not in relation to your well-being? 1. Experiences related to changes in emotional state?
2. Experiences related to changes in activities?
3. Experiences related to changes in social relations?
4. Experiences related to changes self-esteem/identity?
Theme 4 Any other comments/suggestions based on your participation in the intervention?