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Table 6 Reasons for participating in a prevention study

From: Parents’ perceptions on offspring risk and prevention of anxiety and depression: a qualitative study

Main themes Citations
- Parents recognize their own depression/anxiety in offspring #24 “Seeing that we did recognize those things in him [son, 11]. Before this [participation in prevention study] we already thought, let’s take him to the doctor. ‘Could it be that childhood depression, or the like, exists?’”
- Help, support for parent and child #19 "If she learns to be more resilient etc., that can only be good"
#1 “Now she lets us know…she can’t stop herself going over things in her head, ‘how can I stop this?’… I wanted support for her so badly and that’s why we signed up”
- Prevention of child problems #15 “I want to have them checked preventively. I want someone to tell me that everything is still normal, given the circumstances, or that they need treatment themselves in whatever way”
Helping others #19 “Those were the most important reasons. Yeah, I think, when I tell my story and it helps other people who suffer encounter the same problems, then …”
Research is important #10 “We both were researchers, so you know… it’s.. hard to collect data – I call it data, we studied other things – … it is very important that research on this topic is conducted”
Child likes to participate #9 “My son found it very interesting, and he wanted to participate really badly”