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Table 2 Intervention fidelity checklist

From: Cluster-randomised controlled trial of an occupational therapy group intervention for children designed to promote emotional wellbeing: study protocol

Intervention component Achieved (Y/N)
Objectives and plan posters up Y/N
Key purpose identified (verbal) Y/N
Activities conducted Y/N
Materials used Y/N
Key messages reviewed (quiz) Y/N
Duration and exposure  
Between 55–60 minutes spent on session content Y/N
Quality of delivery  
Facilitator comes prepared Y/N
Facilitator encouraging and enthusiastic Y/N
Explicit instructions given Y/N
Constructive and positive feedback to students given Y/N
Pacing and transitions effective Y/N
Programme specificity  
Adheres to activities as designed Y/N
Shows knowledge of content and intervention strategies Y/N
Student responsiveness  
Most students are actively engaged or willingly compliant Y/N
Total score = total number of ‘Yes’s (max 14)