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Table 2 Summary of study measures

From: Design of a comparative effectiveness evaluation of a culturally tailored versus standard community-based smoking cessation treatment program for LGBT smokers

Study variables Assessment point Measurement scale Reference
Smoking cessation outcomes: quit rates and smoking related outcomes
Biochemical verification of smoking status All time points Expired air CO breath test, α = .81, sensitivity of 78%, specificity of 91% Smokerlyzer, Bedfort Corp., NJ
Point prevalence smoking quit rates All time points Time-Line Follow Back (TLFB) interview, α = .80 Sobell and Sobel 1995; Sobell et al. 1979
Smoking use patterns All time points Time-Line Follow Back (TLFB) interview, α = .80 Sobell and Sobel 1995; Sobell et al. 1979
Withdrawal symptoms All time points Minnesota Nicotine Withdrawal Scale, 8-items, α = .80-.85 Hughes and Hatsukami 1986
Smoking urges All time points Brief Questionnaire of Smoking Urges, 10-items, α = .89 Cox et al. 2001; Tiffany and Drobes, 1991
Individually mediated predictors of cessation
Perceived benefits Baseline, 3 and 6 mo. Perceived positive outcomes associated with quitting, α = .70. Menon et al. 2003
Perceived barriers Baseline, 3 and 6 mo. Obstacles that inhibit smoking cessation, α = .70. Menon et al. 2003
Self-efficacy for quitting Baseline, 3 and 6 mo. Smoking Abstinence Self-efficacy Scale, 4-items, α = 85-.89 Tiffany and Drobes 1991
Stage of change Baseline, follow-ups Smoking Cessation Contemplation Ladder, 0–10 measure Biener and Abrams 1991
Psychosocial factors
Perceived stress Baseline, 3 and 6 mo. Perceived Stress Scale, 14-items Cohen et al. 1983; Cohen and Williamson 1988
# of stressful life events Baseline, 3 and 6 mo. The Scaling of Life Events Questionnaire, 61-items Paykel et al. 1971
Minority stress factors
Internalized homophobia Baseline Internalized Homophobia Scale, 9-items, α = .79 Herek et al. 1997
Sexual orientation concealment Baseline Level of Outness Scale, 3 items, α = .86 Bowen et al. 2006
Experience of discrimination Baseline Experiences of Discrimination Scale [EDS], 45 items, α = .74. Krieger et al. 2005
Stigma consciousness Baseline Modified Devaluation-Discrimination scale, 12-items, α = .88 Link 1987; Link et al. 2001
Cultural factors
Cultural identification Baseline Level of involvement with the LGBT community, 10-items, α = .76 Bowen et al. 2006
Cultural salience Baseline To be developed for this study ---
Background characteristics
Demographics Baseline Age, education, gender, income, insurance, sexual orientation, marital status and race ---
Depression Baseline Beck Depression Inventory, 20-items, α = .86 Beck et al. 1961
Nicotine dependency Baseline Fagerstrom Test for Nicotine Dependence, 6-items, α = .61 Heatherton et al. 1991
Illicit drug use Baseline Measures of illicit drug use -----
Alcohol use All time points Time Ling Follow Back, α = .76-.97, Michigan Alcohol Screening Sobell and Sobel 1995; Sobell et al. 1979; Hughes et al. 2003
  1. Note: All Time Points = Baseline, Weekly during intervention, and 1, 3, 6, 12 month follow-up interviews.